How To Entice Woodpeckers To Your Back Yard

If you are a bird lover and like to spend mornings or evenings spying on your favorite warm-blooded vertebrae, you will know about the various bird feeders out there. 


There are tube feeders, platform feeders, hopper feeders, and hummingbird feeders. All of these entice and feed different flying creatures, big and small. But I think we prefer the little fellas.

Some feeders are supposed to be squirrel-proof, but I have still to find one that is. 

The woodpecker 

The woodpecker is such and wonderful and delightful bird to watch. With its red mow-hock and camouflage feathers, it’s not always the easiest bird to spot. Often you can listen for them as they peck away on the trees. 

While tapping away at a tree, the woodpecker wraps its tongue around a small canal in its head, to protect its brain from concussions. INCREDIBLE! 

How do I draw woodpeckers to my yard? 

Woodpeckers enjoy eating ants, grubs, seeds, and termites. They will bore right into trees to reach hives or nests. 

To draw them to your yard you will need the best woodpecker feeder. These are specifically designed for the bird and will hold what’s called a ‘suet cake.

A suet cake is a small block made of beef fat, or coconut oil and consists of oats, sunflower seeds, and wheat. On the feeder, there is a tiny cage that holds the cake. The woodpecker can peck away at it, while you study it close up. 

Interestingly, squirrels don’t like this type of food, so even more for our flying friends!

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